Efficient Heating and Cooling for Your Auckland Property


Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home is difficult and expensive if you don’t have the right air conditioner or heatpump installed. This is where professional and highly skilled refrigeration experts come into play.

Varcoe Refrigeration offers top quality services, and their combined 54 years of experience means that your home will not only end up perfectly cooled or heated, but it will be done according to code. Hiring professionals who can not only install, but also design and advise you on which unit will best suit your home, means that you won’t end up spending your hard-earned money on a heating system that doesn’t work correctly. The following three services provided by Varcoe Refrigeration are in high demand:

Servicing and Repairs

All heating and cooling systems must be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that your home is free from harmful germs and bacteria. This is important for the health and wellbeing of your family – especially when a faulty heatpump could be a potential fire hazard. Regular heatpump servicing also reduces monthly bills because due to more efficient operation.

Design and Installation

At Varcoe Refrigeration you will find a team of skilled refrigeration experts who can design a heating and cooling system that best suits your specific needs. This means that the installation will be conducive to the look and feel of your home. It is counter-productive to spend a fortune building your dream home only to have a bulky and unsightly air conditioning and heatpump unit protruding from your wall. Luckily the highly qualified and certified refrigeration engineers’ expertise is needed. The engineers from Varcoe Refrigeration will do an on-site inspection or off-plan design that will suit your property and individual needs.

Mobile Units

If you are like most people, you will want to get your heat pump and refrigeration unit up and running promptly. For this reason Varcoe Refrigeration is comprised of experienced staff who are experienced in installing and repairing all heatpump makes and models.

A representative from Varcoe Refrigeration will come out and first assess the situation before giving you a comprehensive quote. This means your unit can be repaired right there and then at a competitive price.

If you are tired of struggling with a sub-standard product that simply doesn’t give you the desired effect, then contact Varcoe Refrigeration today. Varcoe Refrigeration stocks the top air conditioning and heatpump brands in Auckland including Panasonic and Mitsubishi. Since 2004 Varcoe Refrigeration has been awarded the top supplier for Panasonic.

Get in touch with www.varcoe.co.nz for all air conditioning and heating enquiries. The Varcoe Refrigeration team is ready to schedule an appointment with you today.


11 Energy Saving Tips Guaranteed to Put More Money in Your Pocket


New Zealand regularly tops polls for being one of the most popular countries to live in the world. The climate, the relaxed quality of life and low crime rate are all appealing factors. Many people who move to New Zealand choose Auckland because of the booming job and housing market. If you are moving to Auckland you will want to maximise simple power saving strategies that can be implemented in your home and office. After all, being energy efficient not only helps the environment – it saves money too.

11 easy ways to make your home or office as energy efficient as possible…

1. Close your exterior doors and windows when your air conditioning is on. Also, switch off your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans.

2. Make an effort to regularly change or clean the filters of your air conditioner so that it operates smoothly.

3. Ensure that the heat pumps in your Auckland home or office are in good working order, otherwise they will consume more energy than what is otherwise required.

4. Keep your interior doors opened during the day so that cool air continues to flow inside your home or apartment.

5. Insulate your flooring with rugs or carpets. This will help maintain the temperature inside the rooms and retain heat.

6. Use an energy efficient heating source for the cooler winter months. Heat pump installation is one of the best ways to heat your Auckland home, because it is energy efficient and affordable to run.

7. Set your refrigerator temperature to 18 degrees.

8. Keep your freezer full. An empty freezer consumes more energy.

9. Choose the best energy saving appliances when upgrading. Buying the best you can afford will reduce your power consumption and electricity bills in the long run.

10. Use your dishwasher only when it is full and set it to the economy mode. This reduces the amount of water and electricity used.

11. Turn off devices like your television and computer when they are not in use. Leaving devices plugged in when they are fully charged wastes electricity.

If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your Auckland home then talk to Varcoe Refrigeration. The professional technicians provide air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for homes and businesses throughout Auckland. You can receive advice on the most suitable heat pump make and model for your circumstances.

Visit www.varcoe.co.nz for more details of the most popular heat pumps for Auckland homes.

11 Eco-friendly Interior Design Solutions


An increasing number of people throughout the world are opting for eco-friendly interior design solutions for their homes or apartments. The same trend is true for people in Auckland as well. Some of the most common eco-friendly interior design solutions include:

1. Decorate your interior with greenery

Plants not only look beautiful, they absorb toxic chemicals from your home or apartment. You can choose from a variety of plant species to suit your decor and individual tastes. Having healthy indoor plants is a tried and tested practice in many homes and offices that provides an instant, clean green solution.

2. Let the sunlight in

Allow as much sunlight into your home or apartment as possible. Sunlight kills germs inside the home and makes the air clean and healthy. Having plenty of sunlight inside your house also decreases energy bills for lighting and heating your home.

3. Use natural and organic materials

Go for natural and organic compounds when selecting the materials for your interior decoration. Although it may cost a little more, making a sustainable choice benefits you and the environment.

4. Choose an energy-efficient lighting system

While selecting your lighting system, go for an energy-efficient option. While this may cost more upfront, the bulbs will last longer and don’t emit harmful gases.

5. Go for products having a lower VOC

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These compounds are harmful to the body and you should be careful not to use anything that has a high dosage of VOC.

6. Use eco-friendly window systems

While selecting your windows, opt for eco-friendly ones that maintain the temperature and retain essential heat. This will reduce your electricity bill.

7. Use eco-friendly wall coats

Go for wall paints that are non-invasive and not harmful to your body. Otherwise, choose ceramic or wooden walls that are easy to clean and that also make stunning feature walls.

8. Have naturally made furniture

Get furniture made from native wood. Not only is it eco-friendly, it also imparts a personal touch to your room.

9. Choose stone or wooden flooring

While making plans for your flooring, explore having a stone or wooden floor. These floors are natural, eco-friendly and good insulators.

10. Avoid using fossil fuels inside your home

Avoid the use of fossil fuels as much as possible inside your home. Apart from contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, these have the potential to negatively impact the body.

11. Use high quality heatpumps

Go for the best quality heat pumps you can afford. Some of the well-known brands include Mitsubishi heat pumps and Panasonic heat pumps in Auckland. You could also go for the wall heat pumps which are known for being energy-friendly.

Varcoe Refrigeration install some of the best air conditioners and heat pump systems throughout Auckland. Visit www.varcoe.co.nz for a free quote and to discuss the best heat pump installation options.

Four Energy Saving Actions to Implement Today


Auckland is now part of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership group, dedicated to collaborating with the goal of curbing greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Auckland Council webpage, Auckland has managed to save an impressive $1.5 to $2 million yearly over the past four years, thanks to reduced use of energy and other critical resources like water. As a responsible Auckland resident, you can do your bit towards this cause and enjoy more money in your pocket.

Here are four energy saving actions you can action today:

(1) Make proper use of your thermostat

A simple energy saving habit that you can adopt immediately is to make proper use of your thermostat by changing the settings appropriately during summer and winter months. Adjusting the thermostat lets you maintain a comfortable environment inside your home while keeping the demand on your energy grid within reasonable limits. Opt for a programmable thermostat if you want the settings adjusted even if you are not home.

(2) Insulation matters

You should invest in the best Auckland air conditioning you can afford so that you can enjoy cool air without running up exorbitant bills. However, be sure you are not counteracting your efforts by failing to insulate your home effectively. If the cooled air is escaping out of your home and hot air from outside is being allowed in through gaps in insulation, your air conditioning unit will be working overtime. Similarly, in cold weather, the best Auckland heat pumps cannot give you energy efficient heating unless you have good insulation throughout your home.

Areas where you should take particular care regarding insulation include your attic, basement and other places where gaps may remain undetected. Locations where you have pipes coming into the house may require extra attention.

(3) Clean filters and replace when necessary

Keeping furnace filters clean enables the equipment to work efficiently. Typically, you want to undertake this task on a quarterly basis, at least. However, your equipment manufacturer and the operating manual will advise you of the ideal filter cleaning and replacement frequency.

Contact the trustworthy heat pump installers in Auckland, and seek professional help. If you have a furnace installed for your heating needs, the filter near the intake-outtake valve needs to be cleaned regularly. You can call in your installer for help here as well.

(4) Employ energy efficient lighting

One of the simple changes you can make today to enjoy dramatic energy and cash savings is replacing your regular light fittings with energy saving ones. According to Eartheasy.com, LED bulbs give you about 50,000 hours of bright light while compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) give about 10,000 hours. This is still far higher than the 1200 hours of lighting you get from regular bulbs.

A regular incandescent bulb consumes 60 watts of power while a comparable LED bulb only needs 10 watts to give the same bright light. Work it out and you’ll see that LED bulbs may involve a higher initial cost but, in the long run, these give you the best value for money. Plus LED bulbs have lower greenhouse gas emissions which is great for the environment.

If you are looking for reliable service and high quality products from a skilled team of professionals, Varcoe Refrigeration is the Auckland air conditioning and heat pump specialist you need.

You will get complete peace of mind when buying a heat pump for your Auckland home or office. Visit www.varcoe.co.nz for a free quote on all heating and cooling services.

Eight strategies to keep your home or office healthy and eco-friendly


With the environment becoming a bigger concern with each passing day, people are opting for environmental-friendly measures inside their homes and offices. With New Zealand keen to promote its clean green image, landlords throughout the country (especially in Auckland) are looking for easy and affordable ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

The following eight strategies will keep your home or office environment as healthy and eco-friendly as possible:

1. Insulate your building
Insulation keeps the heat inside your home or office – which in turn reduces your heating costs. You will also have less health issues as you will be spending your time in a well ventilated and healthy environment.

2. Turn off your computers and lights when not in use
Leaving electrical items on stand-by wastes power which not only damages the environment but also wastes money. Once you get into the habit of turning things off at work you will also start practicing this good habit in your home.

3. Recycle paper and avoid printing unnecessarily
If you do need to print something, use both sides of the paper and choose recycled paper with a low chlorine content.

4. Keep your carpets and rugs clean
Keeping your carpets and rugs clean is one of the basic constituents of having a healthy home or office environment. Carpets or rugs can retain a lot of dirt and microorganisms which can contribute significantly in promoting allergens inside the home or the office. Get a professional carpet cleaner who has the equipment to get the job done professionally for you.

5. Choose clever light bulbs
While there are innumerable categories of light bulbs available in the market, make sure you purchase the bulbs which consumes the least amount of energy. Research suggests that LED light bulbs give the most cost effective and efficient lighting solution.

6. Check safety provisions at your home or office
It is often said that a safe environment is a healthy environment. Check the safety provisions at your home or office and ensure that all the existing rules and regulations are adhered to strictly. Identifying all hazardous areas in your home and office is a smart move.

7. Sort out your gutters
If your gutter is not aligned well, chances are that water will leak through the walls or roof to damage your home or office. As well of the volume of wasted water, repairing water damage can be very costly and cause issues with downtime and non-productivity while your office is out of action.

8. Install a heat pump
Choose a company that can recommend the most suitable air conditioning solution for your office or home. Ensure you choose a competent heat pump installer in Auckland that is trusted by others.

Varcoe Refrigeration is proud to install and maintain air conditioning systems and heat pumps throughout Auckland homes and businesses. You can ensure a healthy home or office environment by contacting Varcoe Refrigeration at www.varcoe.co.nz.