Pros and Cons of a Heat Pump Versus A Wood Burner


Wood burners appear to be a great way to heat a home. Wood is inexpensive and may even be free if the person burning the wood has access to a supply and a way to cut the wood. Sadly, there are numerous factors that can reduce the efficiency of the appliance, and many homeowners fail to realize this. They simply feel they can never get truly warm in the winter but settle for the heat they do have. With a heat pump in Auckland, these issues are eliminated. As long as the heat pump is properly maintained, it keeps a home toasty all winter long.

Open fireplaces often lead to more heat loss than they produce. Almost all of the heat produced by an open fire in a fireplace is lost up the chimney. In fact, the home may be colder with a fire going than without due to the heat that is lost in this way. Furthermore, the type of heat used, the way the wood is burned, and the condition of the wood burner all play a role in its efficiency. A deficit in even one area can significantly reduce the amount of heat produced by the device, and this is one reason many homes are now opting for a heat pump.

Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and allow the family to set a desired temperature for the residence. As the heat pump is sized for the home, there is less loss of efficiency, especially when compared to even a good wood burner. Of the various electric heating options, heat pumps are the most efficient and will save a homeowner money over time. In addition, the heat pump may be used with an air filter that helps remove pollen and dust from the air, of great benefit to those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

When searching for a heat pump in Auckland, be sure to consider the Panasonic line. The Panasonic heat pumps in Auckland remain a favorite with consumers, as they do the job they are designed for with ease. When the time comes to replace your current heater, check this line out. Contact us at Varcoe Refrigeration ( for more information, as we stock and install these heat pumps. We will be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you have.


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