Essential Renovations to Make Your Older Auckland Home Liveable


How you to choose to renovate an older Auckland home will depend on your budget. If you have a large budget then you can get stuck in and carry out major renovations all at the same time. Doing all the renovations in a short time will minimise disruption to the home and make it liveable quickly.

If budget does not allow for extensive renovations all at once then consider some essential renovations to do first and then carry out the rest over a longer period of time. The two key areas to renovate to improve liveability and comfort would be the bathroom and kitchen. These two areas in a state of disrepair or with old fixtures and fittings can make life in old home miserable. It is worth checking for any structural issues before concentrating on cosmetic issues like painting or curtains.

Kitchens and bathrooms are key rooms that buyers look at when buying a home so it is worth spending a good proportion of your renovation budget on these key areas. If possible adding a second bathroom or at least en-suite shower room for a master bedroom will be a good idea for increasing value. Carrying out additions with the plumber and electrician already employed will reduce overall costs. You may even be able to save money by picking up matching fixtures and fittings for both bathrooms in the sales.

There is little point carrying out extensive internal renovations if there is any external maintenance issues to worry about. Fixing roof leaks, broken guttering, removing trees from around the house, repairing loose bricks around chimneys are all jobs that need to be done first to minimise the risk of any internal damage. No point repainting internal rooms only for mould to appear on the walls from a slow leak somewhere.

When renovating it is important to try and keep the character of an older home if original features are still intact and serviceable. Original windows will really help maintain the characteristic appearance of an older Auckland home. Old windows can contribute to draughts and heat loss, which will raise electricity and heating bills. Old windows with good condition wooden frames can be fitted with double glazing panels. If in poor condition then replacing windows entirely may be the most cost effective option. Wooden frames damaged by borer will have lost much of their strength and likely need to be replaced.

With new windows, a new kitchen and bathroom in place the next step may be to reduce heating costs by upgrading the old log burner for a more efficient one. Consider also the cost effectiveness of a heat pump or air conditioner. Air conditioners not only provided efficient heating and cooling but also clean the air. In an older home that may have air quality issues the addition of an air conditioning unit can significantly improve air quality by removing allergens and moisture from the air.

Varcoe Refrigeration are air conditioning installers Auckland based and can assist with a quote for installing a heat pump in an Auckland home. Visit for information on the best Auckland heat pumps for older homes. Heat pumps are best installed by professionals to ensure the correct number of units and size for effective heating and cooling.


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