Eco Friendly Interior Design Projects


Building energy efficient and eco- friendly features into homes is the trend today and most new home owners also invest in appliances and fittings that help conserve energy and save money month after month. However, where does all of this leave existing home owners? Is there nothing that can be done with older homes to make them more environment friendly? Thankfully, there is. So, if you own an older home that was not built with energy conservation or effective resource utilization in mind, you can go in for an eco- friendly renovation or interior decoration project.


Use recycled materials

A simple and most effective way to start off your interiors decoration project in the right direction is to use recycled materials wherever possible. In fact, you could re-purpose your existing belongings, such as your old furniture, and get a functional new addition to your home with the investment of just repair/ refurbishing costs. Consider giving your home a vintage look which is really simple to achieve with recycled materials.


Use space efficiently

Keep construction material to a minimum and make your home easier to maintain by maximizing use of space throughout. Let your appliances be mounted up on the wall wherever possible, freeing up the floor space for use. Use niches and corners to set up equipment that is bulky so that they don’t encroach on living space. Pick out well designed, compactly shaped equipment like Mitsubishi heat pumps Auckland to ensure that there is no compromise on performance when you choose an aesthetically elegant, space saving product.


Use energy efficient fixtures

Get an interior decorator who is well aware of the latest, most energy efficient fixtures and materials. Consider double pane windows that reduce heating/ cooling bills, renewable flooring options from natural sources, like bamboo, automatic closing doors that help maintain a stable interior temperature etc. Of course, LED bulbs instead of incandescent ones or energy efficient Panasonic heat pumps Auckland instead of your outdated power guzzlers are replacements that you may want to opt for while you are renovating.


Use products that are responsibly manufactured

Verify if the manufacturer of a product you want to use has a policy of employing safe, eco- friendly production methods. If they do, you can be sure they proudly proclaim this on their website, the product packaging and everywhere else. There are two advantages of choosing appliances or products that are manufactured with an eye on eco-friendly practices and materials.

One, you encourage these businesses, make sure they flourish and continue to make these great products. Two, you fulfill your nature friendly goals too. Make sure that the manufacturer also has a policy of using only nature friendly materials in all of the products he makes. You will be using these products in your home and you don’t want to have toxic materials in here, do you?


How about rainwater harvesting?

rainwater harvesting is something that many home owners tend to overlook when they are ‘doing up’ their home and giving it a new look. However, this is a very simple way to conserve the most valuable of our resources- water. Consider making minor changes to your roofing etc so that rainwater can be channelized and collected for use. If you have a big garden, you can use this water for watering purposes and save a lot of the precious liquid.

Want to upgrade your heating/ cooling appliances during your renovation project? Come to Varcoe Refrigeration for the latest line up of world class, eco- friendly air conditioning and wall Fujitsu heat pumps Auckland and from other brands. We are committed to giving you the best products that offer maximum energy conservation so that you can see a visible difference in your utility bills.


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