Energy Management… How to Save Money and Be Responsible Citizens


Conserving energy is not just a clever idea to keep your utility bills under control; it is also your social responsibility. Outdated appliances and equipment are not only energy guzzlers but also emit harmful greenhouse gases, which damage the ozone layer. Energy management makes us smart homeowners and responsible citizens.

What exactly is energy management and how do you go about making energy efficient changes in your home? The specialists in Auckland heat pumps at Varcoe Refrigeration have put together some important tips to help you get started.

What is Energy Management?

Energy management ensures you are contributing fully to global energy conservation efforts and that you are aware how energy is being used in your home and surroundings. The first step is to establish a reliable monitoring system so you can pin-point where excessive and unnecessary use of energy in your home takes place. The next step is to reduce your energy use as much as possible.

To help you out, there are a number of energy management systems available today. The steadily increasing demand for these indicates how enthusiastically New Zealand residents have adopted them in their efforts to create energy efficient homes.

Energy Management for your Home

You probably already undertake energy management in your Auckland home without realising it. If you have insulation, double glazing and energy efficient appliances in your home – you are already on the right track.

Here is a good starter guide for making your home more energy efficient:

Step 1: Measure your energy consumption. Take note of your energy consumption and gather data over a 3 month period to see if there are any sharp rises or dips. Compare your data with the energy consumption for similar sized homes with a comparable number of members in your household. This tells you whether you are over-utilising energy or are consuming much less compared to others. Find out where your maximum usage and costs are arising from. For example, if your heating bills are sky-high you may want to switch to the latest, more energy efficient Auckland heat pumps available in the market today.

Step 2: Brainstorm where you can save energy. Pinpoint all the areas where you think you can save energy. For example, replace your incandescent bulbs with LEDs to enjoy some dramatic cost savings while fulfilling your energy conservation goals. Remember that it is not just within the home that you may find energy-saving opportunities. What about your backyard lighting or your automated irrigation system? Consider every single equipment and appliance in and around your home that contributes to your utility bill.

Step 3: Replace outdated equipment with energy efficient models. Add new equipment that curbs energy wastage. Start with the areas where you can save maximum energy and money and work your way down the list. Remember to keep tracking your energy use so you know how far you have come.

If you are looking for a place to start then a good way to be energy smart in winter is to install the most energy efficient heat pump for your Auckland home. For the best quality, energy efficient appliances visit Varcoe Refrigeration is renown for being one of the most reliable installers of home and office air conditioning in Auckland.


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