Four Energy Saving Actions to Implement Today


Auckland is now part of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership group, dedicated to collaborating with the goal of curbing greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Auckland Council webpage, Auckland has managed to save an impressive $1.5 to $2 million yearly over the past four years, thanks to reduced use of energy and other critical resources like water. As a responsible Auckland resident, you can do your bit towards this cause and enjoy more money in your pocket.

Here are four energy saving actions you can action today:

(1) Make proper use of your thermostat

A simple energy saving habit that you can adopt immediately is to make proper use of your thermostat by changing the settings appropriately during summer and winter months. Adjusting the thermostat lets you maintain a comfortable environment inside your home while keeping the demand on your energy grid within reasonable limits. Opt for a programmable thermostat if you want the settings adjusted even if you are not home.

(2) Insulation matters

You should invest in the best Auckland air conditioning you can afford so that you can enjoy cool air without running up exorbitant bills. However, be sure you are not counteracting your efforts by failing to insulate your home effectively. If the cooled air is escaping out of your home and hot air from outside is being allowed in through gaps in insulation, your air conditioning unit will be working overtime. Similarly, in cold weather, the best Auckland heat pumps cannot give you energy efficient heating unless you have good insulation throughout your home.

Areas where you should take particular care regarding insulation include your attic, basement and other places where gaps may remain undetected. Locations where you have pipes coming into the house may require extra attention.

(3) Clean filters and replace when necessary

Keeping furnace filters clean enables the equipment to work efficiently. Typically, you want to undertake this task on a quarterly basis, at least. However, your equipment manufacturer and the operating manual will advise you of the ideal filter cleaning and replacement frequency.

Contact the trustworthy heat pump installers in Auckland, and seek professional help. If you have a furnace installed for your heating needs, the filter near the intake-outtake valve needs to be cleaned regularly. You can call in your installer for help here as well.

(4) Employ energy efficient lighting

One of the simple changes you can make today to enjoy dramatic energy and cash savings is replacing your regular light fittings with energy saving ones. According to, LED bulbs give you about 50,000 hours of bright light while compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) give about 10,000 hours. This is still far higher than the 1200 hours of lighting you get from regular bulbs.

A regular incandescent bulb consumes 60 watts of power while a comparable LED bulb only needs 10 watts to give the same bright light. Work it out and you’ll see that LED bulbs may involve a higher initial cost but, in the long run, these give you the best value for money. Plus LED bulbs have lower greenhouse gas emissions which is great for the environment.

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