11 Energy Saving Tips Guaranteed to Put More Money in Your Pocket


New Zealand regularly tops polls for being one of the most popular countries to live in the world. The climate, the relaxed quality of life and low crime rate are all appealing factors. Many people who move to New Zealand choose Auckland because of the booming job and housing market. If you are moving to Auckland you will want to maximise simple power saving strategies that can be implemented in your home and office. After all, being energy efficient not only helps the environment – it saves money too.

11 easy ways to make your home or office as energy efficient as possible…

1. Close your exterior doors and windows when your air conditioning is on. Also, switch off your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans.

2. Make an effort to regularly change or clean the filters of your air conditioner so that it operates smoothly.

3. Ensure that the heat pumps in your Auckland home or office are in good working order, otherwise they will consume more energy than what is otherwise required.

4. Keep your interior doors opened during the day so that cool air continues to flow inside your home or apartment.

5. Insulate your flooring with rugs or carpets. This will help maintain the temperature inside the rooms and retain heat.

6. Use an energy efficient heating source for the cooler winter months. Heat pump installation is one of the best ways to heat your Auckland home, because it is energy efficient and affordable to run.

7. Set your refrigerator temperature to 18 degrees.

8. Keep your freezer full. An empty freezer consumes more energy.

9. Choose the best energy saving appliances when upgrading. Buying the best you can afford will reduce your power consumption and electricity bills in the long run.

10. Use your dishwasher only when it is full and set it to the economy mode. This reduces the amount of water and electricity used.

11. Turn off devices like your television and computer when they are not in use. Leaving devices plugged in when they are fully charged wastes electricity.

If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your Auckland home then talk to Varcoe Refrigeration. The professional technicians provide air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for homes and businesses throughout Auckland. You can receive advice on the most suitable heat pump make and model for your circumstances.

Visit www.varcoe.co.nz for more details of the most popular heat pumps for Auckland homes.


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