11 Eco-friendly Interior Design Solutions


An increasing number of people throughout the world are opting for eco-friendly interior design solutions for their homes or apartments. The same trend is true for people in Auckland as well. Some of the most common eco-friendly interior design solutions include:

1. Decorate your interior with greenery

Plants not only look beautiful, they absorb toxic chemicals from your home or apartment. You can choose from a variety of plant species to suit your decor and individual tastes. Having healthy indoor plants is a tried and tested practice in many homes and offices that provides an instant, clean green solution.

2. Let the sunlight in

Allow as much sunlight into your home or apartment as possible. Sunlight kills germs inside the home and makes the air clean and healthy. Having plenty of sunlight inside your house also decreases energy bills for lighting and heating your home.

3. Use natural and organic materials

Go for natural and organic compounds when selecting the materials for your interior decoration. Although it may cost a little more, making a sustainable choice benefits you and the environment.

4. Choose an energy-efficient lighting system

While selecting your lighting system, go for an energy-efficient option. While this may cost more upfront, the bulbs will last longer and don’t emit harmful gases.

5. Go for products having a lower VOC

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These compounds are harmful to the body and you should be careful not to use anything that has a high dosage of VOC.

6. Use eco-friendly window systems

While selecting your windows, opt for eco-friendly ones that maintain the temperature and retain essential heat. This will reduce your electricity bill.

7. Use eco-friendly wall coats

Go for wall paints that are non-invasive and not harmful to your body. Otherwise, choose ceramic or wooden walls that are easy to clean and that also make stunning feature walls.

8. Have naturally made furniture

Get furniture made from native wood. Not only is it eco-friendly, it also imparts a personal touch to your room.

9. Choose stone or wooden flooring

While making plans for your flooring, explore having a stone or wooden floor. These floors are natural, eco-friendly and good insulators.

10. Avoid using fossil fuels inside your home

Avoid the use of fossil fuels as much as possible inside your home. Apart from contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, these have the potential to negatively impact the body.

11. Use high quality heatpumps

Go for the best quality heat pumps you can afford. Some of the well-known brands include Mitsubishi heat pumps and Panasonic heat pumps in Auckland. You could also go for the wall heat pumps which are known for being energy-friendly.

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